Sheet metal and production services
If you require any further information regarding any of the services listed below, you can contact a sales representative either by contacting us by telephone / fax or by using our online enquiry form.
Chemical Eteching
One of the key strengths of the etching process is that the chemistry is unaware of the hardness (or type) of material that it is etching through. This is due to the way that etchant chemistry breaks down the materials grain structure, which only changes slightly with temper. The component etching process was originally developed in the 1940s to manufacture parts from materials too hard to stamp or machine. Etching also has no detrimental effect on the properties of the material surrounding the etched areas. Concerns of localised annealing or embrittlement do not occur during the process. This gives etching the advantage of being able to create component shapes in any hardness of material from annealed to spring hard.
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CNC Folding
CNC Folding allows us to manufacture complex shapes in a variety of material types and thickness. Components upto 2.5m long can be bent efficiently and to a close tolerance.
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CNC Punching
CNC Punching is carried out with a Trumf TC500-1300, capable of 22 ton punching capacity with a 1300mm Y axis and a 2000mm X axis travel.
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Our forming equipment includes:

2 x 2.5m 80T NC controlled
1 x 1.0m 25T NC controlled
Guillotine (3m x 5mm thick capability)
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Laser Cutting
The focussed laserbeam cuts through thick steel plates, vaporizes hard reactor-steel and even cuts natures hardest material, the diamond just as easily as textiles, glas and wooden laminates. The laserbeam proves to be almost omnipotential with important advantages: The processing exerts no forces on the workpiece and the heat influenced zone is very small. Arbitrary contours can be cut in thin as well as in thick material with high precision and speed with excellent edge quality and narrow kerfs.
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Full range of Painting and Powder Finishes avalible.
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Welding can be provided in the form of Mig, Tig and CO2. Spot welding and stud welding can also be facilitated.
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