Self Certification for Sick Leave

If you are off sick, you need to let us know by 8.30am on each day you won’t be in (if you are able to) for the first week. For longer term illness, we’ll just need to know an estimated date you think you might return to work.

You may be paid Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) while you are off. If you aren’t eligible, we’ll explain why. SSP is not paid for the three days of absence but after that, you will be paid for all the days you’re off sick that you normally would have worked.

For sick leave of up to seven days

You’ll need to fill in the self certification form below.

Sick leave over seven days

You will need to provide a Fit Note (previously known as a Sick Note) from your GP, hospital or other healthcare professional. Depending on the nature of your absence, this could be before you are ready to return to work.

Self certification form

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