CNC Folding

Folding allows us to manufacture complex shapes in a variety of material types and thicknesses. Components up to 2.5m long can be bent efficiently to a close tolerance.

Laser Cutting

A focused laser beam cuts through thick steel plates, vaporises hard-reactor steel, and even cuts nature’s hardest material – the diamond. The process exerts no forces on the worked piece and the heat-influenced zone is very small. Arbitrary contours can be cut in thin and thick material with high precision and speed, with excellent edge quality and narrow kerfs.


Our forming equipment includes:
– 2 x 2.5m 80T NC controlled
– 1 x 1.0m 25T NC controlled
– Guillotine, 3m x 5mm thick capability

Painting and Powder Coating

A full range of painting and powder coating finishes are available. We can source RAL, Pantone and custom colours.


We can provide MIG, TIG and CO2 welding, as well as spot welding and stud welding.


We don’t have our own plating facilities but work with trusted local platers to ensure a quality plated finish where required.

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